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benefactorsNumerous generous contributors have helped keep this project alive, either with one off contributions of funds or equipment, or with more regular help and funding. They range from large organisations which have donated consumables for specific visits or large expense, one-off equipment, to individuals who have simply been moved to send a contribution when hearing about our work. Some suppliers have given us substantial discounts on items of purchased equipment or have provided this at no cost. Large or small, all contributions have gone directly to front-line use and have made a crucial difference. Etihad Airlines deserves special mention – the airline has been particularly generous over a crucial set-up period of some 7 years (2009 – 2016) provided flights for our team and defrayed our biggest annual expense. The BSSH (British Society for Surgery of the Hand) kindly provides an annual grant from its overseas budget.
More recently a number of surgeons and therapy workers from Nepal have been sponsored to attend Fellowships of several weeks training in the UK (two in 2012, two in 2015, four in 2016, one in 2017). These have, once again, been largely funded by BSSH.

Sincere thanks are extended to all these contributors, on behalf of the leprosy patients they have helped over the years, as well as the numerous local surgeons who have been taught and trained on these visits.

This continued support and that of others who may, in the future, wish to help, is vital.

In addition, a number of individuals have given generously of their time and expertise, on various visits, leaving their work and commitments in Britain, often using up precious holiday allocation, to travel as part of successive teams. Carol Crampton, James Rogers and Kate Beresford, were regular members of the team, and crucial to the creation of this project, over the first nine years of visits, in India and Nepal. Nola Lloyd has been a member of our surgical team to Nepal since 2008 as well as acting as Tour Organiser and Troubleshooter.  The current core team consists of Nola Lloyd, James Rogers, Sam Gidwani and Donald Sammut. Others have been part of one or more team visits, some as ‘Buddies’ in preparation for the setting up of their own projects elsewhere. All have performed valuable work.

Companies and Institutions

Aviva Medical
AX Holdings, Malta
Ballards Estate Agency
BAPRAS (British Assoc. of Plastic, Reconstructive
and Aesthetic Surgeons) and BFIRST
Bristol Cathedral
Martin Christie, Bristol Cathedral Social Group
Bristol Plastic Surgery
*BSSH (British Society for Surgery
of the Hand)
*Circle Healthcare Ltd
DP Medical Ltd
C&P Medical
English Speaking Union, Bristol
Eschmann Holdings
Etihad Airlines
Freelance Surgical Ltd, Somerset
Gibson Pension and Investments, Glasgow
British Embassy, Nepal
Kingsdown Homegrown, Bristol
*London Bridge Hospital, HCA International
Malosa Medical
*Mercian Surgical Instruments
Mölnlycke Medical
Morton Medical Limited
Nepal Leprosy Trust
*Nuffield Hospital, Bristol
Order of Charity, Malta
Pajunk UK
Patterson Medical
Promise Nepal
SIMPLY SPORTS, Oxted and Reigate
*Solent Stevedores
Spire Hospital, Bristol
St Clare’s College, Malta
St Francis Leprosy Guild
The Hand Clinic Windsor
*The Dwarika’s Hotel, Kathmandu
The Portland Hospital, London
Valletta Primary School, Malta
Veterinary Instrumentation
Woldingham Parent and Staff Association

* Regular contributors


Ivaylo Andonov
Elfi Byfield
Bob and Tamara Bennett
Neville Boundy
Prof and Mrs John Briggs
*Hiske Buddingh
Peter and Maureen Clarke
Mark and Pam Cole
Andy and Judy Cordell
*Debbie Cox
Daniele De Spirito
Rebecca Dunsford
*Michael and Margaret Ellis
Michael and Maureen Farrell
Katherine Ferrario
Mike and Aileen Fraser
Trevor and Sue Fry
George and Heather Fussey
Ian Gibson
Seonaidgh Gibson
Barbara Hartel
AR and G Haskey
*Graham Hewitt
Mike Houghton
Nina Jameson
Phil and Heather Joannou
Susan Kara
Nickie Keyte (Fundraiser)
Diana and Mark Lee
Ellen Leng
James Lowther
Joanna Lumley
Nola and James Mackie (Fundraisers)
Paul May
Campbell McGarvie
Thomas McGuire
R Mellor
Katarzyna Milto
Clive Minnitt
Larrie Mitchell
Tim and Leigh Mitchell
Anne and John Nichol
Rosie O’Mahony
Fiona Ormerod (Team member and Fundraiser)
*Marion and Tony Parnis
Ian Pearson
Jill Quinn
Jenny Reid
*Keith Rogers
Rose Sammut (Fundraiser)
Gina Samways
Geoffrey Sanderson
Frances Sinclair
George Spiteri
Nicola Stanley
Joe and Lucy Sultana
Oswald Tanti (Fundraiser)
Angela Thomas
Ruth Travis
Alan and Helen Wall
Michael Wilks
Mark Wood
David Young

* Regular contributors

Members of the Surgical Team

Team November 2016:
George Butler: Reportage Artist, London
Linden Coppell: Etihad
Sam Gidwani: Hand Surgeon, London
Susan Louie: Hand Therapist, Seattle
Nola Mackie: Specialist Trainee, Plastic Surgery, Oxford
James Rogers: Anaesthetist, Bristol
Donald Sammut: Hand Surgeon, Bath

Past Team Members:
Kate Beresford, Hand Therapist

Louis de Bernières, Writer
Lilli Cooper, Surgeon
Carol Crampton, Theatre Sister
Peter Dziewulski, Burns Surgeon
Bruce Emerson, Anaesthetist
Sharmistha (Misty) Gangrekar, Physician
Nickie Keyte, Fundraiser
Fiona Ormerod, General Practitioner
Ian Pearson, Dental Surgeon
Penny Penton, Hand Therapist
Richard Raffety, General Practitioner
Eva Sammut, Physician
Alison Shepherd, Theatre Nurse
Sarah Tucker, Plastic and Hand Surgeon
David Waller, Nurse
Elizabeth Zeschin, Photographer

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