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January 2013

November/December 2013 Trip

22nd November to 12th December 2013

The Hand Surgery team was expanded by the addition of Fiona Ormerod, GP and Ian Pearson, Dental Surgeon. The trip included treatment of patients and teaching in both The Kathmandu Model Hospital, Kathmandu, and Lalgadh Hospital near Janatpur, in South East Nepal. Ian Pearson conducted dental surgeries in Lalgadh, while Fiona Ormerod ran the outpatient clinic, seeing up to 400 patients per day, in collaboration with the Lalgadh team, whom she taught on various techniques.

Donald Sammut and Nola Lloyd operated daily in Lalgadh, teaching the local surgeons and two visitors from the Kathmandu team. They then transferred to Kathmandu and conducted a lecture  and tutorial programme to the team directed by Prof Shankar Rai, in Kathmandu Model Hospital and at Kirtipur Hospital where Prof Rai has established a new unit. This was, as in previous visits, as part of the Hand Surgery  training of the Plastic Surgery programme led by Prof Rai.

 Medical Team: Nov 2014 

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FIONA ORMEROD: General Practitioner in Bristol with an interest in Tropical Diseases. This was her 4th trip to Nepal, providing and teaching Primary Care.

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IAN PEARSON: In private Dental practice in Cambridge specialising in implant surgery. This was his 3rd trip to Nepal to provide dental welfare.

Lalgadh Hospital

NOLA LLOYD: Junior in Plastic Surgery in London and a Diplomate in Tropical Medicine. Member of the Working Hands team, organiser and fundraiser since 2010


DONALD SAMMUT: Consultant Hand Surgeon in Bath, Reading and London. Founder of the Working Hands project, Surgeon and Project Organiser, since 1999.

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